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Compilando Stockfish

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Compilando Stockfish

Mensaje por nikisharma el 02/07/14, 10:59 am

Compilando Stockfish:-

To tell you that I have a PC with Core2Duo Processor E8400 with Windows 7 x64 installed.

stockfish downloaded from the official website and the engines there bienen compiled for 32-bit and 64-bit modern, but the engine does not run on my processor (even closes with error). No biene the pure 64-bit engine.

I went looking and found this page http://support.stockfishchess.org/kb/advanced-topics/compiling-stockfish-on-windows

Here indicate the method stockfish compile from source.
I put in the process and cha chan! I was able

Proceeding to attach the materials and instructions you will too (They can also follow the instructions on the page cited above, but here I put chewed)

First reduction utility compilation:..
http :/ / www34.zippyshare.com/v/25653590/file.html

Unpack to the root of drive C: (for ease)

Now put in a new system variable Path (path to these utilities) to . easy to access it's how

In the 'Control Panel' -> we open 'System' -> Click on the 'Advanced' tab, then oppress the 'Environment Variables' button. In the 'System variables' section there is a variable called 'Path'; we double click on it and a box with title Habre 'Change the system variable'

Here we fly to different directories, separated by 'semicolon'.,. The final path does not end with a semicolon

Do the following:
We put a semicolon;. the end of the line followed by the new route to utilities as well:

If it is for a Windows 32-Bit:, C: \ MinGW \ bin, C: \ MinGW \ msys \ 1.0 \ bin
If it is for a Windows 64-Bit:, C: \ MinGW \ mingw64 \ bin, C: \ MinGW \ msys \ 1.0 \ bin

So far we have compiled lists tools

Now download the source code stockfish:
http:. / / stockfishchess.org / download /

unloaded where it says: Source Code Only

O here directly: (Current is called DD)
https://s3.amazonaws.com/stockfish/stockfish-dd-src . Uncompress zip

in C as C:. \ stockfish (No sub directotios - also for ease)

're ready now to compile:
Open a msdos console: Programs -> Accessories -> Symbol System

wrote:. cd C: \ stockfish (Enter)
Now we strongly as if we were in a game of chess ...
Lie decided to compile architecture:

For a Windows 32 Bits digitamos
make profile-build ARCH = x86-32 COMP = mingw

For a Windows 64 digitamos Bits (mine):
make profile-build ARCH = x86-64 COMP = mingw

For a Windows 64 Bits modermo
make profile-build ARCH = x86-64-modern COMP = mingw

When finished digitamos also:
strip stockfish.exe

Note: Once you've compiled for an architecture and want to build another must run the command:

make clean to clean the build directory of the sources, the resulting files and start again.

Will in this directory stockfish.exe executable and also multiple., or are the result of the compilation and are not needed.

We copy our engine in the folder you want another name, for example:

stockfish_DD_x32.exe, stockfish_DD_x64.exe, stockfish_DD_x64_moderm.exe

Ready to enjoy!

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