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Swiss Manager UniCode Setup.exe-2014

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Swiss Manager UniCode Setup.exe-2014

Mensaje por nikisharma el 23/09/14, 07:35 am

Swiss Manager UniCode Setup.exe-2014:-

Swiss Manager UniCode Setup.exe-2014
The program Swiss-Manager is an administration- and pairing program for chess-tournaments (round robin, team-round robin, swiss-system, team swiss-system tournaments).
An overview of important functions:

Fide approved
Simple handling
Languages: Armenian / Croatian / Czech / English / French / German / Greek / Hebrew / Hungarian / Indonesian / Italian / Lithuanian / Persian / Polish / Portuguese / Romanian / Russian / Serbian / Slovak / Slovenian / Spanish / Turkish / Vietnamese
Swiss system: up to 1.500 participants and 23 rounds.
Round robins: up to 150 rounds
Team round robins: up to 1.500 participants up to 50 teams.
Team-Swiss system: up to 1.500 participants up to 300 teams and 23 rounds.
Supports Unicode (i.e. Japanese)
Simple player input with Fide-ratinglist and national rating list.
Rapid and reliable pairing (mostly only few seconds).
Processing simultaneous several tournaments.
Convenient and rapid result input.
Information, lists of all rounds can outputed any time.
Output of all lists on screen, printer or text-, HTML- or Excel-file.
In addition to the normal possibilities as tournament data input and change, player data input and change, results input and change, print lists, player exclude and so forth there are special functions: Enter player after the first round, continue player after exclusions, set pairings by hand, set the bye by hand.
Successful program application since 1986 during big national and international chess events.
Estimated 100.000 tournaments were handled successfully. Nearly 50.000 tournaments are online available in the
Tournament-database of chess-results!
References: Customers from more than 110 federations..
Simple publishing of tournaments at the international chess-tournament-result-server: http://chess-results.com, a very fast and reliable platform free to use for all chessfriends.
Operating system Windows XP and newer.
Regular program- and rating-lists update.
Reduced price from 1.1.2012
150 Euro for the full version
Pass : www.chessrostami.ir

Note : Please download as soon as possible because i don't keep any back up of the things i upload and once the link is dead then i am helpless too.
If you like this posting please reply "thanks"

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Re: Swiss Manager UniCode Setup.exe-2014

Mensaje por Sombra el 23/09/14, 10:50 am

Gracias Nikisharma por tus grandes aportes y sobretodo por este.  cheers

Estaba esperando una versión moderna de un programa para hacer torneos suizos en mi club de ajedrez, no tan profesional como este SwissManager pero me vale sobradamente.

Es curioso que hablando con árbitros, me contaron que el programa funciona mal, que no hace los emparejamientos como ha estipulado la FIDE. Me explicaron algo así que el programa da prioridad a emparejar respetando el color en vez de dar prioridad la fuerza del jugador. Pero sin embargo la FIDE parece que no le importa esta contradicción por la comodidad que genera el programa a la hora de administrar torneos, listas de elo y sobretodo su servicio online de chess-results, donde se puede consultar fácilmente todo el torneo.

Pero volviendo al archivo posteado, he visto cómo el código de registro para quitar limitaciones es para la versión del 2011 de este programa, y dentro del archivo comprimido está también el archivo de instalación para la versión 2014, pero el número de serie para esta versión no funciona.

¿Me he equivocado en algo?¿He omitido algún paso  para disfrutar este programa sin limitaciones también en la última versión?.

Un Saludo.


In English to nikisharma.

Thanks Nikisharma for your great contributions and especially for this.

I was expecting a modern version of this program, to make Swiss tournaments in my chess club, not as professional but better this than nothing.

It's corious that talking to arbiters, they told me that the program works wrong, which doesn't make the pairings as stipulated by FIDE laws. They explained me something that the program gives priority to the color matching instead of prioritizing the strength of the players. But it seems that FIDE doesn't care it for the comfort of the program; It's easy administering tournaments, administering lists elo and above its service online chess-results.com, which is readily available throughout the tournament.

But turning back to the posted file, I have seen the registration code to remove limitations works only for the 2011 version of this program, and within the archive is also available the installation file for the 2014 version.... but the serial number for this version doesn't work.

Am I wrong in something? Have I missed any steps to enjoy the full latest version ?.

Soy nuev@, sean simpáticos

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Re: Swiss Manager UniCode Setup.exe-2014

Mensaje por huloz1249 el 20/03/18, 01:38 pm

Por favor volver a subir el link. link figura borrado
Gracias exitos
Soy nuev@, sean simpáticos

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Re: Swiss Manager UniCode Setup.exe-2014

Mensaje por huloz1249 el 16/04/18, 08:16 pm

Por favor volver a subir el link. link figura borrado
Gracias exitos
Soy nuev@, sean simpáticos

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Re: Swiss Manager UniCode Setup.exe-2014

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