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KChess Elite & KChess Advance

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KChess Elite & KChess Advance Empty KChess Elite & KChess Advance

Mensaje por nikisharma 02/12/13, 04:13 am

KChess Elite & KChess Advance

KChess Elite is our most powerful chess program, allowing you to take complete control of your chess game. It is ideal for casual players, children learning to play chess, and anyone wanting to improve their game.

KChess Elite has lots of features to help you play better chess. See the pieces that have been taken, where pieces can move, who can take what, which move the computer recommends, the name of the opening (from the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings), a narration about the relative strength and position of both players, whether checkmate is inevitable, and more. An arrow highlights the last move so you can see clearly what has happened. Set the board to a specific layout, rotate it, enlarge it, change the set of pieces, and even add your own comments to a game. Click here for a full size picture.

Other information available is hints for beginners, glossary of chess terms and tactics, tip of the day, the rules of chess, and helpful information about children and chess.

Unlimited undo and redo, move hinting and replay, and the ability to set up multiple variation boards gives you complete control of the game and allows alternate strategies to be explored. Print board layouts, game details and move lists using a choice of 20 chess figurine fonts. Open and save games in multiple formats, including the internationally recognized PGN, FEN and EPD formats.

Board layouts can be saved in BMP, GIF, JPEG and PNG formats. Whole games can be saved to HTML as a web page, including any number of board layouts.

KChess Elite can play with two players, one player against the computer (black or white), or the computer against itself. Choose from a variety of time restrictions, or none at all. Change the playing strength to suit yourself. There are dozens of options to customize the appearance and operation of the game.

There is full keyboard and mouse control, and an easy to use button bar. Special features make the program particularly good for blind or visually impaired players. Voice feedback can be male or female. There is extensive help, including a comprehensive glossary and the rules of chess. All versions of KChess Elite since version 2 have gained five star ratings from both Ziff Davis and C/Net.

KChess Elite is also suited for use with screen reader software for the blind or visually impaired.

For members who have not yet acquired these two excellent programs, here you go:

KChess Elite full

And for those who haven't got KChess Advance yet, here you go:

KChess Advance full

These nice programs have been sitting in my desktop for about 5 years, but I'm NOT the original uploader. Thank you to the original uploader, whoever you may be!

Note : Please download as soon as possible because i do;t keep any back up of the things i upload and once the link is dead then i am helpless too.
If you like this posting please reply "thanks"

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KChess Elite & KChess Advance Empty Re: KChess Elite & KChess Advance

Mensaje por einishiyuki 02/12/13, 06:06 am

Ta bueno, pero fritz es mas amigable para mi Smile

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