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Gandalf 6 - Lokasoft (Full CD) Sin_ty10

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Gandalf 6 - Lokasoft (Full CD)

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Gandalf 6 - Lokasoft (Full CD) Empty Gandalf 6 - Lokasoft (Full CD)

Mensaje por nikisharma 02/04/14, 02:07 pm

Gandalf 6 - Lokasoft (Full CD):-

Gandalf 6 - Lokasoft (Full CD) K7tJO
After several years of silence around Gandalf, the author has finally released a new version. With this version Gandalf 6 made a giant leap in strength which brings it back to the top of the field. The engine is especially improved in the positional play with the help of correspondence-grandmaster Christian Kongsted; further improvements are made in all aspects of game play. Comes with a large optimized opening book containing more than 2 million unique positions. The latest ChessPartner 5.3b interface is also included.
Gandalf 6 Summary
� Included both a native CP engine and a UCI/Winboard engine. The UCI/Winboard engine can be used in your favorite interface.
� Both versions have multivariation-mode.
� Search is on average 2 plies deeper than Gandalf 5.
� Much more knowledge in engine.
� Hash memory size extended to include 400,800 and 1600 Mb.
� Includes Positional learning.
� Includes 6-piece EGTB support.
� Opening book optimized by Dan Wulff and now includes >2.2 Million unique positions.
� Playing strength, estimated ~ +100 ELO over Gandalf 5.
� Latest ChessPartner GUI included.
� Analyse your games.
� Play on the Internet.
� CD-ROM version has all 3 and 4 man tablebases plus the most important 5 man tablebases.

... and to make the package complete, we have included the old 4.32 and 5.1 versions of the engine ...

More info @ Gandalf 6 - Lokasoft - Home of ChessPartner


Gandalf Patch.7z

Note : Please download as soon as possible because i do;t keep any back up of the things i upload and once the link is dead then i am helpless too.
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