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ChessBase Online v3.7.3.2158 Sin_ty10

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ChessBase Online v3.7.3.2158

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ChessBase Online v3.7.3.2158 Empty ChessBase Online v3.7.3.2158

Mensaje por nikisharma 30/04/19, 06:17 pm

ChessBase Online v3.7.3.2158 (Latest):-

ChessBase Online v3.7.3.2158 Chessbase.android.chessdb-w130

ChessBase Online for Android * Get instant access to a super fast database server with five million chess games. * Stay on top of cutting edge chess theory with a database server which is updated-weekly. * Improve your opening skills by checking variations with-board and move statistics in one view. * Prepare easily against-more than 270,000 players from top grand-masters to amateurs. Just type in the name and get instant results. * Dynamic books with user-defined search filters. Ideal for the player’s preparation. * Enjoy chess history by replaying 600 annotated master games from 1857 to 2011. The display includes international annotation symbols,colored squares and arrows. * Load/save your own PGN files. * Edit annotated games. * Easy to work with: you have a game history containing your latest 100 games. * Use any one of five different sets of pieces on a wooden, marble or metal board. * Optimal adaptation to high resolution screens on tablets and HD phones. *Send games by E-Mail. Dear Samsung Galaxy user Your device was delivered with the OS Android 2.1. This version of the OS contains some small bugs which among others also affect the ChessBase Online App. Solution: - Upgrade the OS to version 2.2 or 2.3 - Delete the file „greatgames.pgn“ from the folder „ChessBase“ on your smart card. The ChessBase App will automatically create the file at program start again.

Download Here

Zippyshare Mirror:
Download Here

Important: Don't forgot to disconnect your phone from internet before start chessbase online after open you can connect to internet to use chessbase full features.

by mistake if you open chessbase online before disconnect your phone from internet, no problem just clear chessbase's all data.

Note: Please download as soon as possible because I don't keep any back up of the things I upload and once the link is dead then I am helpless too.

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ChessBase Online v3.7.3.2158 Empty Re: ChessBase Online v3.7.3.2158

Mensaje por Juanma50 08/01/24, 04:39 pm

Soy nuev@, sean simpáticos

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